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Benposium 2013:

Export Nation and the Return of Volatility

Day 1: Introduction to the North American Energy Market: Natural Gas, Crude Oil & NGLs
Day 2: Analytics Forum with Breakout Sessions
Day 3: Analytics Forum with Breakout Sessions

The shale gas revolution in North America, which is now spreading to oil, continues to have a profound impact on the continental energy landscape. New possibilities are unfolding faster than many in the market anticipated. Producers focusing on traditional natural gas plays have entered into a new era of production options. NGLs and oil are now the sought after prizes as producers abandon emerging plays that were first developed just a few years ago. International investors are taking notice, investing billions into developing and transporting new North American resources. The power generation, end users and petrochemical sectors now face monumental decisions for developing long-term strategies for these resources.

There are continually new challenges and opportunities for energy executives, analysts, traders and investors in today’s highly-interconnected energy landscape. The key to navigating these unprecedented times is to understand the fundamentals of this market – how production, capacity, flow, inventories and demand interact to drive prices, and how prices then impact the economics of capital investment, trading opportunities and marketing strategies.

The objective of Benposium 2013, the premier event from Bentek, is to explore the most important aspects of these developments through the practical application of fundamental energy market analysis. Benposium 2013 starts with an introductory training session on Monday, followed by analytical forums on Tuesday and Wednesday, including breakout sessions that drill down to specific aspects of energy markets, such as supply, demand, transportation and storage for natural gas, NGLs, crude oil and LNG.

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